How the Volvo EVAP System Works and Diagnosing Problems

The EVAP System in different Volvo models, how it works and how to diagnose the system when a Check Engine light is present. The EVAP system (EVAPorative emission system) is an emission system that prevents hydrocarbons from entering the atmosphere. Fuel vapors are...

Putting Cranky Toyota Hybrids to Bed

Crank-no-start with a hybrid is a little different, but they're actually easier to diagnose than conventional cars. When you grab your repair order and read, “Vehicle towed in. Engine cranks but won’t start,” you’re probably pretty happy. And why not? It’s likely to...

Episode 5 – Talking ADAS with Scott Brown, Part 4

Scott Brown is the co-owner of Connie & Dick’s Auto Service Center in Claremont, California and a well-known trainer in the automotive service industry. He’s also the founder of Diagnostic Network. Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) are now found on most new...

Replacing the Blower Motor on a 2015 Volvo XC60

With the right tools and the right instructions, it just becomes time consuming. Remember the old 240s when you had to take half the dash apart to replace the blower motor? Well this job isn't quite the same, but the dash still has to come out. Let's look at one...
Curing the BMW N54 30FF Fault Code

Curing the BMW N54 30FF Fault Code

Concepts of how BMW twin turbocharged N54 engine operates: The control side of the turbos, possible failure points, methods to diagnose and isolate these failures, and how to repair/fix such findings.

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