The Case of the Reluctant Titan

It appeared to be a textbook case of strangulation. But not so fast….. Harry looked up from the morning paper as a new case file slid across his desk. A detective’s desk is always cluttered. It’s in the rules. The file contained notes and documents for a 2006 Nissan...

Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE System Evolution

Technology Advancements and Avoiding Service Snafus The Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE system was originally conceived as an engineering concept for a driver assistance system rooted in collision prevention and mitigation. The PRE-SAFE system was taken from an innovative...

A Look Inside Volvo Turbo Technology

A Little History Volvo turbo The exhaust-driven turbocharger was invented back in 1905 by Swiss engineer Dr. Alfred Büchi in Germany. And the first mass produced turbocharged car engine was used in the Oldsmobile turbo Jetfire in 1962. This turbocharger was fitted to...

The Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Program, Part 2 – Taking your collision business to the next level

We discuss the three tiers of certification: What they mean, what kinds of vehicles are included, the requirements, and how to get started.

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