Welcome to ATI's new podcast!

We are happy to present our new podcast where technicians talk to technicians, offering diagnostic tips in 10 minutes or less. We hope these help make your every day job of fixing vehicles right the first time – a little easier. Your host, Tony Molla, interviews technicians on the hottest topics. Enjoy this latest platform of automotive technical information, presented by Automotive Tech Info.

Episode 18: Connecting the DOTs

What you need to know to make sure you’re using the correct brake fluid, and what it means if you don’t. It’s a matter of milliseconds that can make all the difference.

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Episode 15 – Diagnostic Strategies, 4

Dave Facciuto is and the former owner and ASE Master Technician Technician of Dave’s Import Service in Medford, Oregon. Kevin Orndorff is a former technician working at Dave’s and purchased the shop from Dave. Dave is still active in the industry as a consultant and...

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