Diagnosing BMW BSD and LIN Networks: A Tale of Two Vehicles

The age-old phrase ‘No pain, no gain’ certainly holds true with automotive diagnostics. This is perhaps even more true with BMW diagnostics. For the uninitiated, Bavarian circuit design and module testing can be a difficult proposition. BMW 535i This was my experience...

Servicing the Audi Q3 Part 3: Diagnosing Park Assist and Steer Assist

There are times when a concerned owner asks about rear bumper damage and/or observes that the Park/Steer Assist is not offering the values or warnings within the rear camera display. These experiments and tests are with the same Q3 in the service bay (from Part 1 and...

Charging System with Battery Monitoring System for Volvo

Using VIDA, we can limit time spent on diagnosing a Battery Monitoring Sensor (BMS) and ensure the vehicle is repaired correctly. Although charging systems seem pretty straightforward these days, these systems can become very technical and sometimes hard to diagnose....

Nissan Evaporative Emissions

With the advent of On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) systems, and even tighter restrictions on emissions standards, the Evaporative Emissions System will continue to challenge repair technicians. Since hydrocarbons were first identified as Volatile Organic...
Curing the BMW N54 30FF Fault Code

Curing the BMW N54 30FF Fault Code

Concepts of how BMW twin turbocharged N54 engine operates: The control side of the turbos, possible failure points, methods to diagnose and isolate these failures, and how to repair/fix such findings.

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