Identity Verification for Mercedes-Benz XENTRY Diagnosis, Programming and Theft Relevant Parts

There have been big changes in the processes; here’s what you need to know! ...we will discuss the TRP policy and procedures, followed by what is likely somewhat new to you, the account verification system. As the title suggests, there are two separate processes for...

Replacing the Air Conditioning Evaporator in the 2006 Volvo V70

This is not an easy job but it can be rewarding for both the technician and the customer. Replacing the air conditioning evaporator on a 2006 Volvo V70 is a huge job, needless to say. The complete dash and heater box will need to be removed from the vehicle. You have...

Addressing Some Common Codes and Complaints With the Mercedes-Benz M274 Turbocharger Engine

There was a time when superchargers and turbochargers were pretty much limited to race cars and certain high performance applications. Now, with the newer technology and the global drive for fuel efficiency and more power, turbochargers seem to be found on almost...

More Volvo High Mileage Problems

This article is part of a continuing series that will cover some of the problems that may come up on higher mileage Volvos. Fuel Injectors (2016-2019 2.0L Engines) Volvo 2.0L Fuel Injectors You may get a later Volvo in your shop that exhibits fuel injector problems....
Volvo TechTips Spring 2023

Volvo TechTips Spring 2023

In this issue: Timing Chain Replacement on a Volvo 3.2L Engine • Testing, Repairing, and Servicing Volvo Seats and Seat Belts • Three Common Interior Repairs on Volvo Vehicles • Supercharger Service on High Mileage Volvos

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