StarTuned June 2021

In this issue: CO2 as a Refrigerant • NASTF and the VSP Registry • MIL Code P0513 • Causes of DTCs P0170 and P0173 • Blind Spot Monitoring Systems

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Diagnosing a Honda Accord Damaged Key Cylinder Failure

A co-worker had an ignition key problem and soon thereafter the entire key cylinder failed, disintegrating to the point of a total failure. The co-worker searched and found an entire lock set at the local scrap yard. The ignition assembly was removed and installed...

Replacing Volvo Water Pumps

The water pump is a vital part of the coolant system and should be checked frequently during services. Coolant system diagnosis and repair can sometimes be a problem. A coolant leak can sometimes take time to find. The vehicle could leak when it's cold, or maybe you...

The Infamous U1000 Code: A Study in Nissan Network Diagnostics

It is often a moment of considerable discomfort for many technicians when faced with the message on their scanner, “No Communications.” Usually, it is accompanied by other complaints that may range from troubles in the operation of controls like HVAC, power mirrors,...

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