Keeping the Toyota Pure

Aftermarket replacement parts often don’t measure up to the precision and reliability of genuine Toyota replacement parts. We offer some examples of why you should keep your customers’ Toyotas “all Toyota.” JUST ANOTHER DAY EN ROUTE to the office, with the customer’s...

Understanding Volvo Networks and Wiring

Vehicle computer communications and wiring systems have grown more complex. Understanding these systems may help you in your next wiring diagnosis. Through the years, Volvo vehicles have changed not only in appearance and capabilities but also with the vehicles'...

Nissan MAF Sensors: Overview, Operation, Service, Diagnostics & Performance

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor provides critical data to the ECM for calculating cylinder air charge and engine load. In combination with other sensor data inputs, the ECM determines a load factor, which is then used to calculate optimal spark advance and torque...

Audi 4.0T Turbo Design, Function, Diagnosis and Repair

We explain the design and function of these turbo systems as well as diagnosis and repair of turbo-related problems The evolution of power and efficiency Almost every vehicle manufacturer has begun moving toward using forced induction engines. Turbocharged and...
Volvo 5 Cylinder Engine Valve Cover Sealing

Volvo 5 Cylinder Engine Valve Cover Sealing

The Volvo 5 cylinder engine has been the workhorse engine for many years, starting in 1993 with the 850 model in the U.S. The 850 went away in 1997 with the introduction of the S70 and V70 in 1998 and the XC70 in 1999.

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