BMW TechDrive February 2008

by | Feb 2008 | BMW, BMW TechDrive Issues

In this issue:

Welding Strictness and Its Importance

Here at BMW our vehicles may not cost $4.5 billion dollars each like an aircraft carrier, but our customers’ safety is priceless. Make sure your welds have integrity!

Managing the Airwaves: BMW Radios

Radios have become computer controlled entertainment systems capable of interfacing with other control units and bi-directional control. Let’s see where this takes us.

What If It’s Not The Gas Cap?

Very often, an illuminated MIL and an EVAP code are due to nothing more mysterious than the driver neglecting to tighten the gas cap.

Brake Hydraulics: Fluid Flushing and BMW Requirements

Why do brake fluid changes? For several good reasons. Corrosion and contamination of that intricate and expensive ABS and DSC hardware is to be strenuously avoided.

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