BMW TechDrive Features

BMW TechDrive was sponsored by BMW Wholesale Parts and published 2004-2009. Here, you may find the archives.

Collision Corner: Working with Aluminum Panels

BMW’s quest to make vehicles stronger, lighter and more fuel-efficient is never ending. In order to achieve these goals, new ways of thinking and new materials are necessary. That translates into new repair procedures.

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Let Us Give You Some Feedback

We were always taught 14.7:1 was the perfect ratio of air to fuel. Well, with the need to improve fuel economy and decrease harmful emissions, leaner air/fuel ratios are required. How is the PCM going to determine how lean is lean?

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Simplifying Schematics

BMW vehicles are continually sprouting new electrical and electronics circuits, including different sensors, CAN data buses and fiber optics. So, the ability to follow and interpret wiring diagrams is becoming more and more important if you’re going to keep servicing these super-computers on wheels.

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Environmental Impact

Being in the luxury segment means BMW vehicles provide great creature comforts as well as high performance. So, keeping their climate control systems functioning properly should be a high priority for you.

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Always Braking Suddenly

Over the decades, computer controls have improved vehicle safety. Anti-lock braking systems help us avoid accidents in the first place. Let’s keep this system up to snuff.

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Beauty Is Skin Deep

Technological advancements are not only happening in computerized control systems. BMW develops advancements in all phases of automotive production, including body refinishing.

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Diesel developments at BMW

“The image of BMW is very strongly associated with high-power, sports-biased luxury cars in the premium car segment. In the United States, the combination of a car in this segment with a diesel engine was up until now almost unthinkable.”

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Give me a brake

Here’s why using Original BMW Parts and the proper procedures will help you keep control of your reputation.

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