Performance Technician December 2014

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Performance Technician, December 2014There’s a whole lot of technical and unusual content for you in this issue of Performance Technician, accompanied by great photography. Our professional hot-rod tuner, Henry Olsen, tells us how to get the most out of ignition scopes on vintage cars, and our tech editor, Greg McConiga, gives us a feature on the best fabricator we’ve ever seen, and another that tells us how truly-great restorations are done.

Our regular departments include the story of a ’56 Ford wagon that might have been, an interesting profile from Tom Nash, managing editor, of RAE (Reliable Automotive Equipment), Inc., a piece from Greg on the notes we should all be taking when building an engine (or a whole car), and “Information Station,” which showcases new high-performance parts and products.

You won’t find any other publication that nourishes your passion for high performance the way we do.


In This Issue:

Troubleshooting a Vintage Distributor Ignition System

It can seem almost impossible to find a shop that can properly diagnose and repair ignition and carburetor problems.

Meet my Favorite Fabricator, 2

Creative work, indeed, and if tempered by these tips, profitable, safe & pleasurable.

Recovery, Restoration, and Resurrection, 2

From the last installment, we have an understanding, an evaluation and a preliminary number…Now what?

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