Running Out of Time: Diagnosing an Infiniti Q50 Timing Problem

by | May 2022 | Engine Mechanical, feature, Infiniti, Nissan TechNews Features | 2 comments

We will take a look at an Infiniti suffering from a timing problem.

It has been said that time waits for no one, and that is certainly true for auto technicians. There is always a vehicle to diagnose or a repair that has to be done by the end of ...

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  1. Rodolfo Pascasio

    Same as of my Nissan Sentra Series 3, B14. Its head gasket was changed due to oil-coolant mix, unfortunately the mechanic did not timed it correctly. Now, although it crank, it refuse to start. I verify the failed timing, when I open the camshaft cover, turn the crankshaft through its pulley bolt, put it in Top dead center, while the distributor rotor, point No. 1 of the distributor pin, and found that the timing chain, even in how many rotation does not point to the sprocket mark. It is two teeth away. Deem I need to disassemble it again to put to proper timing. Sad.

  2. Eric Zebe

    Installed a new actuator on a 370Z once and unbeknownst to me the box had been dropped.
    One reluctor arm was bent. Hard to see without comparing. Take a good look at the box on all your new parts.

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