Electrical Service – December 1987 – BMW, Saab, VW, Toyota and Honda Electrical Service

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Ever since someone told Ben Franklin to go fly a kite, we’ve toyed with the mystery called “electricity.” Try to imagine the simplest car without it.

When things go well, electricity is a trusted, hard-working friend. When things go wrong – and they do – we curse a bit.

Experience teaches me that most electrical problems are the result of bad connections. Bad connections are usually the result of dirt, water, oil film, and their partner in crime, corrosion.

We include examples of each, with illustration. You just can’t start blaming components until you’ve elimintated poor conductivity as a possible cause.

Since the causes of bad connections are constantly at work, and since nobody has found a fool-proof way to defeat them, things happen. As a result, we shall repeat this feature from time to time, with updates on who’s winning the battle.

Maybe this will help you win a few.

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