Shop Tools (January 1999)

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Import Service Article ImageDrill Bit Sharpener
Power Flush Plus A/C Flusher and Solvent Recycler
Vacuum Bleeder
Offroad Creeper
Rechargeable, Battery-Powered Grease Gun
Fluid Containment Bench
High-Tech Workbench
New Tire Changer
Rotary Screw Compressor
Rim Clamp Tire Changer
Waste-Oil Heater
Asymmetrical Overhead Lift
Digital Lube Nozzle
Power Steering Flush Machine
Folding Engine Hoist
Pro Charger 50
TranServe II+
R.I.M. Safety Campaign
Economy Wheel Balancer
PrismPro Refrigerant Identifiers
A/C Service System
Welding Catalog
Dual On-Car Brake Lathe
Brake Disc/Drum Lathe
Wanted-Dead or Alive!
Automatic Tire Changer
Recycling Solvent Parts Washer
Portable Lift
Transmission Cleaning Machine
Disposable Hand Clean Towels


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