Factory Service Bulletins: Midtronics Battery Charger for Reflashing & ESP Displayed

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Midtronics Battery Charger for Reflashing All models

The Midtronics Power Charge PSC-550 provides a stable battery voltage, which is critical during control module flashing/coding. It provides precise voltage control along with a clean DC input into the vehicle battery, free of any AC noise.
Note: During a control module flashing/coding, any fluctuation, spiking or loss of voltage can interrupt the operation, which could cause the control module to lock up. When used during flashing/coding, the PSC-550 supports loads and charges the vehicle’s battery. When the battery is charged, the charger acts as a regulated power supply to sustain accessory loads and offset parasitic or quiescent drain. The PSC-550 has the following additional features:

  • Fully regulated output prevents overcharging
  • Output current approximately 55 Amps at full load
  • Over-current protection
  • Output voltage approximately 13.4 VDC at full load
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Works with 12 Volt flooded lead batteries as well as Fleece/AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries
  • Switch-mode design reduces heat build-up
  • Proportional fan control regulates fan speed according to converter’s temperature, minimizing fan noise

Refer to the SSEP catalog under STAR TekInfo / MB Equipment.

ESP Displayed Models 170.447/449/465/466,202.022/023/024/028/029/033,208.365/370/374/465/470474,210.020/025/055/065 070/072/074/082/083 265/282

If a customer reports that “ESP Visit Workshop” is displayed on the instrument cluster and there is a fault code C1200-S9/1 (Stop Lamp Switch) Plausibility displayed, the stop lamp switch must be replaced with a new, revised unit. Depending on the model, the replacement switch will be either P/N A001 545 64 09 or P/N A001 545 01 09. Instructions on replacing the switch can be found at WIS document AR42.10-P-0040A.


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