Mercedes-Benz Factory Service Bulletins: ESP Visit Workshop Display and Axle Thumping Noise

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“ESP Visit Workshop” Displayed In Instrument Cluster All Model 203 Vehicles, As of August 1, 2001 Series Production

If “ESP – Visit Workshop” is being displayed in the instrument cluster, and for vehicles with an automatic transmission, the selector lever cannot be moved from position “P” after the engine is started, and various fault codes are stored in the relevant control units, perform the following repair.
Note: In vehicles equipped with tire pressure loss warning system this function will also not be available.
The conditions listed above are caused by an inadequate ground connection at the ESP (W70) ground point (Figure 1, arrow) due to the heat shrinkable tube protruding under the ground cable lug’s attachment point.

  1. Remove the excess length of the heat-shrinkable tube on the ground cable lug so that a complete ground connection can be established (Figure 2).
    Note: Do not damage the coating on the ground cable lug. Additionally, ensure that the heat-shrinkable tube is only removed in the area of the screw attachment point.
  2. Tighten the nut on the ground bolt (W70) to 8 Nm.

Thumping Noise from Front Axle Model 164.122/175/177/186/822/871, Model 251.122/165/175/177

If there are thumping noises coming from the front axle when driving over bumps, retighten the bolted connections to 200 Nm between the torsion bar and the stabilizer bar and between the torsion bar and the suspension strut to resolve.


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