Small Repair, Big Opportunity

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One of the benefits of owning a Mercedes-Benz is the timeless style it exhibits. With bodies and interiors sculpted like artwork, it’s no wonder their owners take pride in them. Unfortunately, in the real world things happen. Stones are thrown up from the roadway, careless passengers spill things, wheels contact curbs, and road grime and salt attack those nice rims. How are we going to help our appearance-conscious customers?

Mercedes-Benz has the answer. The Small Repair Program was instituted earlier this year to allow Mercedes-Benz dealers and Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Repair shops to handle minor repair jobs at their facilities without a large investment in time or money. This comprehensive system provides the tools necessary to repair surface damage to alloy rims, windshields and interiors by means of easy-to-use and conveniently-packaged kits.

Sticks and Stones

The windshield repair kit has all the components needed to fix cracks and stone chips. Resins are used to seal the glass, and polish takes care of any pitting. All the necessary tools, such as syringes and drill bits, are included to complete the job. Keep in mind that this kit is only intended to repair minor problems outside of the driver’s field of vision, and are not meant to take care of a problem that has failed a state safety inspection program.


No part of the vehicle is more noticeable than those alloy rims. Unfortunately, even the most stunning wheels are bound to be damaged. The rim repair kit comprises cleaners, fillers, activators and the tools to apply them. An array of colors allows you to color-match the surface of the rim and provide a finish just like a new rim at only a fraction of the cost.

Inside Job

The interior repair kit is extensive. It’s designed to handle blemishes in the vehicle’s interior paneling and upholstery. It can even go so far as to repair exterior plastic components such as the bumper. Fillers, reinforcement material and applicators are only some of the materials supplied. Included in the kit are color-matching compounds that will blend in with the original colors and textures of the interior. Hard and soft plastics can be repaired along with leather and vinyl.


Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with Reliable Automotive Equipment to provide these kits to you. They amount to a cost-effective solution for small repair jobs that will restore the finish that every Mercedes-Benz deserves. To further support this small repair program, Reliable Automotive Equipment includes a training DVD with each kit, and peer-to-peer training is also available. To order these kits, contact your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.


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