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Nissan Motorsports Competition Parts is excited about the addition of a new line of parts they have included to their already expansive offering – The Power Pup by Bully Dog.
Nissan is not the manufacturer of Bully Dog  Power Pup products, nor is it the warrantor. Nissan does not recommend or endorse the use of Bully Dog Power Pup products. Nissan simply offers Bully Dog Power Pup products for sale through Nissan Motorsports Competition Parts.
In recent years electronic tuning devices have become very popular within the automotive aftermarket. One of the companies at the forefront of the popular tuning devices is Bully Dog Technologies, most well known for their product for diesel powered trucks and SUVs. In 2005 the company released their first product for gas powered vehicles, the Gas Power Pup.
Unlike some products in the market, the Bully Dog Power Pup is a downloader, not a plug in module. The difference is pretty simple, the Power Pup downloader plugs into the OBDII port usually located under the dash of most vehicles. Once plugged in the downloader walks the installer completely through the process of downloading the tuning maps onto the vehicles ECU. To complete a download it takes just a few minutes, usually less then ten.
In May of 2008 Bully Dog released their popular downloader for Nissan Titan and Armada, before the product started shipping Bully Dog had pre-sold their entire first production run. It was evident, Nissan owners want better fuel economy and the ability to tune their drivetrain for optimum performance, all of which the Bully Dog Nissan Power Pup delivers, in an easy to use package at a very affordable price for the consumer and the dealer.
The Nissan downloader has a number of tuning maps, each is based on the fuel octane level that the consumer is using in their Nissan, using premium fuel the Power Pup delivers more then 20 horsepower. The engine produces more power by being more efficient, a more efficient engine also achieves better fuel economy, a very popular feature with the current price of fuel. In addition, the Nissan Power Pup allows for tuning of various drivetrain settings, including being able to raise or lower the vehicles maximum speed and rev limiter.  By accessing the Bully Dog website, customers are able to download engine management “maps”.
This is intended for off-road use only, and is not legal for use on public highways or motorways.
For further information about the Bully Dog Nissan downloader contact Nissan Motorsports Competition Parts at 888-833-3225 or email Nissan Motorsports Competition Parts at: [email protected].


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