Performance Technician September/October 2015

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In this issue the topics range far and wide. Our editor, Bob Freudenberger, gets in touch with his inner rodent and waxes philosophical about the Rat Rod trend that’s gaining popularity all over the country. Like Bob, we think they’re pretty cool… in a Camels rolled up in your sleeve, DA haircut, black leather jacket, James Dean gone bad kind of way.

Henry walks us through the intricacies of our first pollution control device, the lowly PCV valve and how critical it can be to making your hot rod happy, and we go back into part two of our installments on rocker systems and piston rings with a little more information and detail for you.

Information Station this month covers all sorts of products from starters and alternators to new offerings for your Ford and Mopar to new solutions from Denso and DEI and rounding out our issue I lose my mind (again) and wander off the deep end thinking about being a beginner over and over and over… which sounds more complicated than it is.

We hope you enjoy the issue and welcome your comments.

In this September/October Performance Technician Magazine:

Positive Crankcase Ventilation

It’s been around for over five decades, but do you ever take it into consideration? Ignore it at your peril.

Piston Rings, Part 2

The second installment of our man Greg’s magnum opus on rings talks about how they’re all part of a system that includes various clearances, gas porting, and piston rockover, shape, and stabilization.

Roller Rocker Systems, 2

The second part of Greg’s article on high-performance rocker arms covers angles, designs, materials, techniques, coatings and more. Plenty of great photos, too!


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