Use Nissan’s Consumer Collision Website to Educate Customers

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Nissan has created an interesting and informative website ( dedicated to educate motorists about all aspects of collision repair. You can use it to your advantage.

nissan-ccr-websiteBeing involved in a collision is a disturbing and scary event for any motorist. It is a time of distress and confusion. Most motorists don’t know how to proceed, what steps to take first, who to contact, where to have their vehicle repaired, and what their rights are in terms of important issues like which parts will be used to repair their vehicle.
As a service to their customers, Nissan has developed and made available a comprehensive website that covers virtually all of the questions a vehicle owner might have in the event of a collision. This is a detailed and informative website that answers many of the questions your customers might ask of you. As such, you can direct customers to this site,, when they bring their vehicle to you for repair. You can also direct your customers and contacts to this website even before they need your services, since it helps prepare them for the possibility of a damaged vehicle. The site also provides them helpful information in advance so that they are better prepared to take the best actions if a future collision should occur.

Safety First

Nissan maintains a network of Certified Collision Repair Centers that have met strict Nissan standards for training, tools, techniques, and the use of Genuine Nissan replacement parts.

The site opens with a detailed video explaining the various safety features built into every Nissan vehicle. It explains, in easy-to-understand language, how crumple zones work, how vehicles react in different types of accidents, and how systems like air bags protect the occupants. It even explains to viewers that the advanced safety systems in Nissan vehicles can sense the severity of a collision and activate safety systems accordingly. Few motorists are aware that their vehicles are this smart.

Making Smart Choices

A second option on Nissan’s Consumer Collision website directs visitors to Nissan’s informative Collision Repair Guide, which answers commonly asked questions regarding the interrelationship of the vehicle owner, their insurance company, and their collision repair shop. It points out the important fact that the auto body repair shop works for, and is accountable to, the vehicle owner (not the insurance company). As such, while motorists can opt to have their vehicle repaired at a shop recommended by their insurance company, they are under no obligation to do so. Rather, they can have their vehicle repaired at the shop of their choice.

Equally important, the repair guide explains that vehicle owners have the right to insist that their vehicle be repaired with Genuine Nissan Parts. This is especially critical with today’s sophisticated vehicles, where substandard aftermarket parts may lack the precision to keep safety and security functions operating properly.

For example, an aftermarket bumper cover may differ from a Genuine Nissan Part enough that it interferes with forward-facing sensors that anticipate possible future impacts. Furthermore, aftermarket windshield glass may contain imperfections or an area of distortion that can affect the accuracy or performance of the forward-facing camera (behind the windshield) which helps prevent future front-end collisions. The use of Genuine Nissan replacement parts assures that all safety systems will continue to perform as designed.

We all know that vehicles may be involved in a collision the minute they leave the showroom floor. As such, auto body repair shops are often called on to repair vehicles that are still covered by the factory warranty. This warranty coverage can only be sustained when vehicles are repaired using Genuine Nissan replacement parts. It would not be reasonable to expect Nissan to warrant parts they haven’t designed and manufactured.

Choosing the Right Insurance

Nissan has partnered with the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company to offer Nissan-specific insurance for your customers’ Nissan vehicles. The website explains that this exclusive coverage provides all the benefits your customers want and need — competitive rates, excellent coverage, and exceptional customer service.

Specific benefits offered under this coverage include:

  • The assurance that a covered vehicle will be repaired with Genuine Nissan Parts.
  • New car replacement coverage.
  • Towing coverage to the nearest authorized Nissan service center.
  • Accident forgiveness.

There’s Always the Paperwork


Consumers and professionals alike can find Nissan’s Position Statements along with other helpful information at

Finally, Nissan’s Consumer Collision website includes a printable PDF file that incorporates an accident report form and guide. This handy brochure can be printed out and kept in the glove box to be referred to in the event of an accident. It uses a simple fill-in-the-blank format to guide motorists through the proper procedure following a collision. This is typically a time when drivers are upset and likely not thinking clearly. As such, it provides guidance and comfort, so that motorists know they are taking the correct steps to protect themselves, their passengers, and their vehicle.
As a body shop owner or manager, you can use this helpful website as both a sales tool and also as a service to your customers — all your customers, not just those who own Nissan vehicles. You can incorporate a hyperlink to this site,, in e-mail correspondence with your customers. Regardless of the make or model of the vehicle they drive, they’re sure to find useful information within the site, and they’ll be reminded that you have their best interests in mind.

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