Bill Mohrmann

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A Parts Guy’s Parts Guy


Bill Mohrmann

The parts professionals at your local dealership are specially trained to give you the best service possible, and are supported by Regional Wholesale Parts Sales Managers. The northeast United States region is serviced by Bill Mohrmann who, by all accounts, is a parts guy’s parts guy, supporting some 85 Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the northeast U.S.

How would you describe the ideal parts support person? Well, you’d certainly want a “car guy or girl” who speaks the language and understands vehicular technology. You’d want an industry person who understands the needs of the aftermarket. And you’d want a shrewd businessperson who appreciates the need for near-instantaneous availability of quality replacement parts at competitive pricing.

That would describe Bill Mohrmann.

Bill comes from a background that includes after-sales positions with other European and Asian auto makers as well as an aftermarket supplier of parts for various European marques. Most importantly, he has spent the last 20+ years in various wholesale parts positions with Mercedes-Benz.

During his more than two decades with the company he has touched on virtually all the disciplines you would associate with a highly-qualified wholesale parts specialist — distribution, marketing, pricing, training, technical support, customer relations, parts ordering, inventory control, and more.

Savvy shop owners know that, in order to stay current, productive, and profitable, learning can never stop. That’s why Bill is a champion of making technical service information available to wholesale parts customers. He encourages shops to take advantage of MBUSA’s technical library available to shops on a subscription basis, as well as publications like the one you’re reading right now — StarTuned.

Bill strongly supports MBUSA’s partnership with OEConnection and their CollisionLink and RepairLink ordering platforms, where shops can enjoy spot discounts that match, or come close to matching, the pricing of aftermarket parts, and without sacrificing quality. Many of the Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the northeast participate in these two platforms.

All in all, isn’t Bill the kind of guy you want looking out for your
parts purchases?

We certainly think so… |


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