Ron Resnick

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I Love the Parts Business!

Ron Resnick

Those words are certainly music to the ears of dealership parts departments and independent service providers who deal in parts for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Consider the role of Mercedes-Benz Regional Parts Sales Managers. Their job is to provide support to Mercedes-Benz dealership parts departments and the independent auto repair and collision repair shops they serve. What would you expect such managers to do?

Well, you’d expect them to educate and assist dealership parts professionals in using the latest software and ordering procedures in order to obtain parts for wholesale and retail customers as quickly as possible, and assuring that they get exactly the part needed at competitive prices. And that’s exactly what Ron Resnick does.

Ron is Parts Sales Manager for the 115 or so Mercedes-Benz dealerships in 13 southeastern states, and he really does love the parts business. And well he should, as virtually his entire professional career — 40+ years — has been in the parts business, much of it within the Mercedes-Benz family.

His career path has been classic. He started as a parts driver, worked in dealership parts departments and as a national parts director for one of the largest dealer groups in the U.S., served as a Parts Manager/Director for several dealerships before managing three different Mercedes-Benz dealership parts departments. He has facilitated training seminars at the national level for MBUSA and provided training, support, and coaching for dealership parts and service professionals all around the country. Half of his career has been with dealerships and half has been with automotive manufacturers, so he knows the parts business inside out.

These days Ron provides support for dealerships and their wholesale and retail customers throughout the southeast U.S. He counsels on subjects like inventory control, merchandising, marketing and wholesale parts promotional programs. He visits independent service providers in order to constantly monitor their needs and relay those needs to the supporting dealership and MBUSA Headquarters. He also makes extensive use of teleconferencing, which allows him to interact more frequently than in-person visits would allow.

Rather than simply a trainer, Ron considers himself a coach/consultant, working with parts professionals in exploring ways to provide even faster, more accurate, and more affordable solutions for their wholesale and retail customers.

We guess Ron really does love the parts business….


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