How the Drive Authorization System 4 Works

by | Dec 2019 | 1 comment

Designed to make the unauthorized use of the vehicle difficult or impossible, the DAS has been proven to reduce vehicle theft. Here’s how it works.

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Mercedes-Benz ISP Parts Information

Thousands of Independent Service Providers – workshops just like yours – subscribe to the Daimler ISP Parts Information catalog, or ISPPI. For only $75 a year, users gain access to the full range of Mercedes-Benz parts information, including grey-market vehicles,...

1 Comment

  1. MattAG

    Our shop was able to complete the VSP authorization certification process recently.
    Once we were certified the application for TRP ordering came another hurtle.

    One tip that we found out, which we would like to share, is: When processing a Mercedes-Benz TRP request, you should submit the NASTF-VSP SDRM D-1 vehicle security request AND the StarTek TRP request forum ON THE SAME DAY. Otherwise the StarTek TRP request will get lost and not be dispatched to your Local/Regional Mercedes-Benz part distributor (Dealer parts counter).

    Having copies of all the needed proof of identification materials handy (copy of customer drivers license, customer signed authorization forum/s etc..) will also aid in expediting the TRP order process.

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