Mercedes-Benz Diesel Injectors: Mystery of the Black Death

by | Oct 2020 | 3 comments

Inspection, proactive service recommendations. What to expect? And, what about those glow plugs?

Sounds like a crime novel, doesn’t it? Intrigue, mysterious plots and storyline twists reminds you of your favorite ‘whodunnit!’ Some of the vehicles...

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  1. markg612

    The preventive piece is critical–every air filter change on the V6 gets an injector inspection for leaks. Yes, I pull the soundproofing foam every time. The I4 is every time the cover is off, super simple.

    Bottom line, the dead give away is anytime that rotten smell of burnt engine oil is noticeable, it’s time to go looking for leaks. I personally hate the smell and as a result I’ve kept my V6s absolutely dry on top, changing the turbo inlet seal anytime the yoke is off and with every air filter change, along with the upper end of the right intercooler line seal is worthless and leaks too. Staying ahead of these leaks makes smelling the injector tip leaks that much easier, especially on the V6–incidentally, the aroma was most notable after driving from under the wheel wells when on the V6 when the injectors leak!

    Good luck getting the average owner to notice these signs.

    • markg612

      Correction, Upper end of the LEFT intercooler line, the seal leaks and the right line tends too rupture.

    • Mercedes-Benz StarTuned

      Thanks for your comment. Additional feedback from our writer “Oil leaks can contribute to some of the mess under the covers but it’s the leaky injectors that cause the hard nasty stuff.”

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