Infiniti Cold Case: File #FX35

by | Nov 2021 | feature, Infiniti, Nissan TechNews Features | 3 comments

Harry, a long time veteran of the force, was nearing the finish line of his career. His retirement was fast approaching and, as such, he had been relegated to mostly desk duties. A ‘house mouse’ was the term for an officer who did not leave the stat...

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  1. Eric Zebe

    “So Harry would expect this 3.5 liter VQ35DE engine to be reading 6.0 – 6.1 grams per second at 863 rpm.”
    I think that would still be too high at idle, I would expect to see closer to half that.
    Also wanted to add that I have had some sucess in getting the idle speed down low enough to complete idle air learn by restricting fuel line (when possible). Trans needs to be warmed up too.

    • Jordan Hill

      Harry was basing his numbers on a simple equation of 1 gram per second per liter of displacement at 500 rpm, but this is not an exact equation. Unfortunately, Harry did not record what the new MAF sensor was reading, only that the fuel trims were normal. Restricting the fuel line is another idea for completing the Idle Relearn, but we would caution pinching fuel lines, especially hard plastic lines.

  2. Somesword

    Nice read. A lot of useful insights.

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