Putting the Heat On ‘Em

My old friend Ray once told me, “Do you know what NEW stands for? Never Ever Worked.” Just because you put on a new part doesn’t mean it’s going to fix the problem. Such was the case with this Toyota Camry that had a fresh O2 sensor.

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Lean Is Mean

We often make fun of them: Techs who use the scan tool to tell them what part to replace. We must admit that sometimes, for the sake of expediency, we do the same thing. Let’s not get caught in that trap on a Toyota with a lean condition.

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Prius Inverter Cooling

The Prius uses an independent cooling system to cool the inverter and Motor/Generator. In warm weather, problems with the inverter cooling system are fairly common in both the Gen 1 Prius (2001-2003), and Gen 2 Prius (2004-2009).

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Cheap Spills

So besides the unavoidable necessities like brakes, exhaust, and tune up work, what could possibly annoy a Tercel owner enough to bring his car in for some unscheduled maintenance?

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Tech Tips

Toyota Fuel Smell; Magnetic Attraction; Take Two Aspirin and Call Me In The Morning; Nissan Truck Idle; SAAB Idle Problems; Misdiagnosed Oil Leaks; Weird Science; Toyota Throttle Body Deposits; Wheel Cylinders

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