Blast From the Past…

by | Apr 2009 | General, Import Service | 1 comment

Ralph Birnbaum
I called to congratulate Chris Ayers on his new web magazine venture, Master Technician online. The dust hadn't settled on "hey how are ya's," exchanged with raucous laughter by two old friends, when CA dropped another little bomb, tel...

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1 Comment

  1. davidcross

    Good to have you back!
    Still have my old stacks of Import Service out in my storage
    shed. Could not bring myself to throw them out because it was
    GOOD STUFF. Well you know..
    Hope to get some more clues from you folks!
    I am a long time Subaru tech living in the Bay Area.
    Again, welcome back!
    David Cross, Marin Mazda Subaru, San Rafael,CA

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