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New Growth: The Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s all-electric LEAF incorporates both new and existing technologies. This article will familiarize readers with the unique features and design of this car, and provide insight into its expected maintenance and service needs in the future.

Automatic Transmission Failure Diagnosis

Modern automatic transmission failure diagnosis can be daunting. Use these easy methods for testing the suspected component or system, research the specific service information – and apply a little logic – and you’ll get the job done faster and more accurately.

Chemical Bonding Repair: It’s not just Glue & Stick

Hot on the heels of advanced high-strength steels and alloys, vehicle structures are now incorporating more thermoplastic, carbon fiber and other composite materials. The ongoing quest for lighter vehicle weight, performance without compromise, improved safety and lower manufacturing costs is driving the shift to these new materials.

Electronic Power (EPS) Assist

Electronic power steering systems (EPS) are now more common than ever on newer Nissan vehicles. This article covers the three types Nissan uses for its EPS, a discussion of its advantages, and tips for diagnosis and repair


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