Why You Need XENTRY

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Want to know why you need the sophisticated XENTRY diagnostic and service package from Mercedes-Benz?

Here’s the short answer: So you can perform virtually every diagnostic, service, and programming task that a dealership can perform.

OK, here’s the longer answer…

XENTRY is the comprehensive hardware and software package created by Mercedes-Benz specifically for independent repair shops that service a large number of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It allows service providers to perform nearly every diagnostic and flashing procedure that can be performed by dealership service departments. The only tasks reserved for dealerships are the programming of keys and similar proprietary security-related services.

The XENTRY package incorporates the three steps needed in service Mercedes-Benz vehicles — vehicle identification, diagnostics, and programming/reprogramming/software updates. XENTRY covers the vehicles you’re most likely to see in your service bays, essentially all Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the 2008 model year to present, plus many of the systems found in vehicles dating back to the mid-1990s.

Complete service information, data, diagnostic, service/repair, and reprogramming information is provided on vehicle mechanical systems, including gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions (including electronic selector modules), and all traction, braking, stability control, and active body control suspension systems, including ESP, ASR, ETS, ABS, BAS, and SBC.

Also covered are all of the electronics and vehicle safety and convenience systems. They include the instrument cluster, Parktronic, Keyless Go, tire pressure control, drive authorization system, signal acquisition modules (SAM), and the electronic ignition system (EIS). In addition, XENTRY provides diagnostic and repair information on all of the various body control modules used over the years, including ACP, UCP, LCP, SCM, SKF, KFB, RCM, and DCM.

Obviously the first step in preparation for diagnosing, repairing, or updating software is to properly and precisely identify the vehicle you’re working on. XENTRY quickly and accurately helps you identify the vehicle’s VIN and build model number, and with that information you can access, and record, all of the specifics of the vehicle.

Once you’ve properly identified the vehicle you’re working on, including details on specific systems, XENTRY will provide you with all the same diagnostic procedures that are available to dealership technicians. XENTRY will also provide data points that you can record and save, or print out for future reference.

Once you’ve identified and corrected the issues that you and XENTRY have identified, you can use XENTRY to perform post-repair quality control checks to confirm that the repair you’ve effected has been successful in correcting the known fault.

With XENTRY you can re-program existing components, including installing updated software as it becomes available. You can also program new components following replacement.

The newest-generation XENTRY system includes all the features you need to thoroughly diagnose and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Those features include the Diagnostic Assistance System (commonly referred to as DAS), the Workshop Information System (WIS), Electronic Parts Cataloging (EPC), STARUTILITIES (incorporating movement management system and self-test), and the clever and innovative Benz Disassembly System that uses video lessons to show precisely how to remove individual components.

XENTRY only requires the operator to log on once and enter the vehicle’s VIN just once. Then the technician can switch easily among multiple applications, confident that XENTRY will “share” data, including changes in settings, among the various applications running.

The Guided Fault Finding feature in XENTRY is surely the most comprehensive approach to diagnostics and repairs. However XENTRY also offers a useful and informative Quick Test that can be run first.

XENTRY can be licensed, and the fee includes up to five software updates in a year’s time. After that, operators can renew software updating on a daily or annual basis. Purchase agreements are available on-line at www.StarTekInfo.com.  

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