Nissan TechNews November 2018

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Inside the November 2018 TechNews:

Identifying Nissan Axle Ratios

Both front and rear differentials must have the correct gear sets in them. Let’s take a look at how to identify that axle and identify the parts you need to get the job done right.

I-CAR® In-Shop Knowledge Assessment

I-CAR’s knowledge assessment process rules out any courses you don’t need so you can acquire more repair skills while sitting in fewer classes.

No-Clue No-Start

Let’s take a look at no-start diagnostics when, by all accounts, the engine should be running fine. The laws of physics still apply so let’s think outside the box and solve that mystery no-start.

Solving Power Window Woes

Where to start with diagnosing faulty window behaviors, how to troubleshoot window-related problems that develop as a result of other repairs, and how to properly QC check a vehicle.

Nissan Approves Resistance Spot Welding, Under Certain Conditions

Learn the circumstances under which STRSW can be used, along with brief tips for equipment settings and repair procedures.


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