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Lean Is Mean

We often make fun of them: Techs who use the scan tool to tell them what part to replace. We must admit that sometimes, for the sake of expediency, we do the same thing. Let’s not get caught in that trap on a Toyota with a lean condition.

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Prius Inverter Cooling

The Prius uses an independent cooling system to cool the inverter and Motor/Generator. In warm weather, problems with the inverter cooling system are fairly common in both the Gen 1 Prius (2001-2003), and Gen 2 Prius (2004-2009).

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Sometimes Cats Get Stuck In Park

Before a Jaguar can be cat-quick, it must get out of park. With sophisticated electronics these days there must be coordination among shifter modules and transmission range switches. Let’s look at this S-Type and see what’s involved.

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Nissan Roulette

The shop was hired to remove the automatic transmission and replace it with a standard transmission from a salvage vehicle. We Diagnosing why this 2003 Nissan 350X wouldn’t run after the “fix”.

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