Two Vexing Volvos Violate Validated Valvetrain Viewpoints

Dec 2022 | 2 comments

We can get lost very quickly if we are not savvy to the fact that the engine is the actual modulator for the computer controlling it.


Sometimes in the world of diagnostics, we run into some extremely hard to solve technical problems. Mo...

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  1. Pete Moler

    Shame on manufacturers for building engines or anything else that require specialized tools of this nature. I believe it is a way to tie the vehicles to the dealer and not allow independent shops to work on their products without purchasing expensive single use tooling.

  2. Larry_NC

    Excellent, nicely prepared arcticle. The motoring public has no clue as to what we are doing in this line of work. I for one have experienced tremendous changes in the 55 years of service and repair in my Volvo independent business.

    With respect,
    Larry Sheldrick

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