Why Volvo Genuine Parts?

Volvo Car USA recommends that all collision repairs are performed through a Volvo Certified Collision Facility by a Volvo Certified Technician using only Genuine Volvo Parts. All exterior paneling, glass, unibody components, drivetrain, electronics, suspension, SRS, and steering components are essential to assure the safe operation of Volvo vehicles. These parts work with other vehicle components to help keep occupants safe in an accident.

Always refer to Volvo Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales (VIDA) for the latest technical guidelines.

Volvo does not approve of the use of aftermarket, reconditioned, salvaged, or other non-OEM collision repair parts. Using only genuine Volvo parts helps maximize vehicle safety, performance and reliability.

Aftermarket Parts

Genuine Volvo Parts are optimized for safety, structural integrity, and fit. Aftermarket parts may not have been tested and validated as meeting these same exacting standards and may compromise your customers’ vehicles’ safety and performance.

Aftermarket bumpers, shocks, structural reinforcements, headlights, fenders, hoods, windshields, suspension, and unibody components may interfere with the functionality of vehicle crumple zones, Supplemental Restraint Systems, and other critical parts and systems.

Reconditioned Replacement Parts

Visual assessment is often inadequate to determine whether or not reconditioning can restore a component to the structural integrity required to ensure proper fit and safety. The use of Volvo Genuine Parts along with Volvo-specific repair procedures ensures that parts that directly affect safety will perform in the same manner as they would when the vehicle was new.

Salvaged or Recycled Parts

There is no way to determine if salvaged or recycled parts have been previously damaged, heat-stressed, subjected to excessive wear, or involved in a prior collision, fire, or flood. There are no standards that allow testing of recycled parts to ensure that they meet Volvo requirements.


Volvo service and repair adhesives are manufactured for each specific vehicle model and repair location. Volvo Car USA allows the use of only those adhesives that are specified in the repair procedures in VIDA (Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales). The use of non-approved adhesives can compromise vehicle safety.


Screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, and other hardware that has been damaged, worn, or deformed as a result of a collision must be replaced with Genuine Volvo Car replacement parts. The integrity of aftermarket, damaged, or deformed hardware cannot be guaranteed and therefore is not approved for use in the repair of a Volvo vehicle.

Don’t Compromise Your Customers’ Safety

Volvo Genuine Parts assure safety through OE form, fit, and functionality in design and construction. Volvo Genuine Parts are designed, tested, and manufactured specifically for Volvo vehicles.

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