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Electrical Issues Case Studies

All of us have to be aware of the sensitive nature of the rolling computer complex that represents today’s vehicles.

The Nissan LEAF e-Pedal

The Nissan LEAF combines hydraulic braking, regenerative braking, and traditional accelerator technology into one device: the e-Pedal. You’ll have to keep the system calibrated so key components can function together.

Getting to the Bottom of it — with the Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is an integral part of engine performance, emissions control, and, safety systems. Problems are rare, but can be real head scratchers.

Differences in Servicing Nissan R-1234yf A/C Systems

New A/C systems vs R-134a in service equipment, handling of the R-1234yf refrigerant, and a few extra minutes for enhanced leak detection steps.

The Comeback Code

What do you do when the code keeps coming back and just won’t die? Let’s look at some common mistakes and how to get those codes to go away for good.

Nissan TechNews March 2019

In this issue: Keep the Fuel Flowing; Nissan Sectioning Repair Tips; Starting with the Starter; Fluid Advancements

Nissan LEAF Collision Repair Training from I-CAR®

I-CAR® Nissan LEAF® Technologies & Repair Considerations class covers sectioning structural components, ultra high strength steel, ADAS and…

Fluid Advancements: R-1234yf and Dynamic Oil Change Intervals

R-1234yf and Dynamic Oil Change Intervals

Starting with the Starter

Step one; start the engine and allow to idle… it won’t start? Now it’s time to start with step zero — the starter. It now requires more advanced diagnostics and a few cool new tricks. Let’s take a look at modern and classic starting circuit diagnostics.

Rubber Rules: Safe Tire Repairs

Rubber Rules: Safe Tire Repairs

An improperly-repaired tire can lead to more than just customer inconvenience —  it can result in a sudden failure with life-threatening consequences,  not only for the vehicle’s occupants, but also for everyone sharing the road.

Pull Doesn’t Always End With An Alignment

Pull Doesn’t Always End With An Alignment

Misalignment as the cause of drift or pull is often the first problem that springs to mind for vehicle owners and service professionals alike, but it’s not the only possible cause.

Modern Catalytic Converter Diagnosis

Modern Catalytic Converter Diagnosis

Catalytic converter diagnosis is easy!  If you find a trouble code P020 or P0430, replace the converter and the car is fixed. Right?

Altima Hybrid Service

Altima Hybrid Service

Don’t be afraid to tackle service on the Nissan Altima Hybrid. Beyond the high-voltage electrical system, it’s really just like any other Altima. But, there are a few special facts you should know.

Getting Up to Speed with Nissan CVTs

Getting Up to Speed with Nissan CVTs

Servicing continuously variable transmissions can be a scary thing if you don’t have any experience with these belt-driven critters. Here’s some basic information on how they operate.