June 2014 HOT ROD Professional

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In This Issue:

High-Performance Brake Upgrades, 3: Friction Material

Here we’ll talk about the interesting subject of lining “recipes” and what you should choose for your hot car or truck.

CC Rider, Part 1

One of the most critical things to know involves volumes — of intakes, of cylinder head runners, of exhaust runners, and, of course, the most critical of all, the total volume and clearance volume of the cylinders themselves, which is how we calculate the true mechanical compression ratio of an engine.

Tuning a Carburetor-Equipped Supercharged Engine

Some see an engine that is almost impossible to tune, is not very reliable, and will overheat at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Torque Benders, Part 1: Differential Basics

With rear wheel drive, you’re making all that horsepower up front, but you’ve got to make it do a 90-degree turn to spin those tires. That’s got to be hard on the mechanism — downright brutal in any kind of racing. Here’s how to get started putting the pices back together, and a set-up shortcut, too.

Technician Health and Wellness Series: Lift Safety – Always be Aware

Lifting a vehicle is the most dangerous part of your job, and you do it every day. Never forget that.

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