P1 Volvo Oil Separator (Oil Filter Housing) Replacement

Driving with the oil filter housing plugged causes the engine to break down oil seals. When this happens, the cam seal, rear main seal and valve cover can all start to leak. How will you know when to replace an oil filter separator or oil filter housing on a Volvo?...

More on BlueTEC and AdBlue Technology

A look at servicing the system, problem areas including diesel particulate filters and countdown to zero Checking the AdBlue System? Using the XENTRY Diagnosis system will simplify your diagnosis. If you want to really get into the science behind BlueTEC and AdBlue®...

Mercedes-Benz Parts the Easy Way

Getting Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts has never been easier When you need parts, you have a lot of choices, but if you are like most shops you insist on Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. You know about their legendary quality, that there’s no monkeying around when it comes...

Episode 17 – Diagnostic Strategies 6: How EVs Impact Diagnostics

We conclude our conversation with Dave and Kevin on Diagnostic Strategies and talk about what’s next and how Electric Vehicles (EVs) will impact how we work and diagnose this next step in automotive technology.

Dave Facciuto is and th...

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