Subaru EndWrench Features

Subaru EndWrench was published 1998-2008. Here you will find the EndWrench archives.

Insider Info

This department presents an assortment of Subaru service information and time-saving tips useful to aftermarket technicians. Tips in this issue include: Tribeca Air Conditioning Refrigerant Specifications, Coolant Overflow Problems, Coolant Exchange Machine Approved, New TPMS Transmitter for 2008, and 2008 Impreza Data Link Connector Color Change.

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Subaru P0400 Codes Revealed

P0400 Codes Revealed
Emissions-related diagnostic trouble codes can be very confusing. Here’s a look at how Subaru of America, Inc. has added and streamlined P0400-series DTCs from the onset of OBD II in 1996.

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Subaru Rack and Pinion Service

They’re extremely durable, but even top-notch Subaru rack and pinion steering systems require routine inspection, maintenance and service to continue operating at an optimum level.

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The Right Brake Stuff

Aftermarket replacement brake parts may not be the best choice for use on your customer’s Subaru vehicle. Here’s the right information on selecting the right brake components.

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Insider Info – March 2008

In this issue find information on a seized front differential problem; the new engine oil dipstick for the 2008 3.6L Tribeca; new information added to the STIS website; and much more.

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Cooling is Critical

To properly protect the metals and other materials of the system, the correct coolant and additives must be used.

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Making Sparks

Subaru vehicles have used different ignition coils over the years. Here are the types and how to test them

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Bearing the Load

Wheel bearings operate under the adverse factors of load, driving force and braking inertia — and in the hostile environment of heat, cold, water, dust and dirt. That’s why they need to be routinely inspected, serviced and replaced.

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