Pieces of the Diagnostic Puzzle: Diagnosing Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

How Your Strategic versus Tactical Approach to Diagnostics Makes the Difference Between Sweet Success and Frustrating Failures A lot is made of diagnostic strategy in training classes and speeches at technician conferences these days. And for good reason. However,...

Testing, Repairing, and Servicing Volvo Seats and Seat Belts

This article covers various repairs on seats and seat belts that you may find helpful, should they come through your shop. We all know that Volvo has always made it a point to set the standard in automotive safety. Over the years, Volvo has helped develop and perfect...

Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles: What do you need to do today to accommodate tomorrow’s models?

Your business model is going to change as we see a greater mix of EVs enter the market Ready or Not—Here They Come! Mercedes-Benz is getting ready to go all-electric by the end of the decade, where market conditions allow. They will be shifting their focus from...

Timing Chain Replacement on a Volvo 3.2L Engine

The 3.2 liter engine is a six-cylinder non-turbo engine. In this article, we will cover the replacement of the engine timing chain and related components on an XC90. The procedure may differ on other models. To do this job you will need some special tools: front...
Curing the BMW N54 30FF Fault Code

Curing the BMW N54 30FF Fault Code

Concepts of how BMW twin turbocharged N54 engine operates: The control side of the turbos, possible failure points, methods to diagnose and isolate these failures, and how to repair/fix such findings.

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