HOT ROD Professional, April 2014

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In This Issue:

Performance Tool Box for Carbureted Engines

The computer age has made tuning tools, formerly only used by factory engineers, now relatively affordable for virtually anyone with the need for speed and performance.

Basics Series: Connecting Rods

Our esteemed tech editor shows us that there’s a lot more to connecting rods than most of us have ever imagined.

High-Performance Brake Upgrades, Part 2: Rotorama

Last time, we looked at the parts that provide the pinch, but the components that spin off all that thermal energy are more interesting from a scientific, technological standpoint.

Changing the Handling, or Handling the Change, Part 2:

In part I we covered the benefits of track width, lowering your center of gravity and adjusting your corner weights. In part II we will show you how. You don’t need to know chassis dynamics to enjoy a spirited drive down the road. But if you’re on a track and being timed then you may want to know the changes you can make to drop that .1 of a second.

Light Flywheels and High-Performance Clutches

When it comes to racing, initially large chunks of horsepower are made and lap times drop quickly on that first day at the track. By day three, the improvements have dropped to 0.1 second if you’re lucky. Will lightening your flywheel give better lap times — or just another 0.1 second? And, will the car still be “streetable” after this mod?

Introducing – Technician Health and Wellness Series: Don’t Play with Fire

There’s no such thing as a “Minor fire” at an auto service shop. Beyond the obvious loss of property, equipment and business income, the threat to the safety of humans is paramount.

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