Performance Technician August 2014

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You may have noticed that HOT ROD Professional has morphed into Performance Technician. What does that mean? Initially, it means a renewed commitment to a wider variety of performance-related topics of interest to you, our tech-savvy readers.

Vehicle technology, systems relationship management, and control are redefining the evolving parameters of power and performance. Creating power and controlling the transfer of power from the engine to the ground requires the correct tools, an understanding of component capabilities, and an extremely good sense of the balance among vehicle systems. The consequences of not “getting it right” can be profound, devastating, and expensive. In addition to subject matter that is just plain fun to read, we will attempt to provide you with the product and procedural knowledge that we hope will help you to make the right choices. Read More…

In the August 2014 issue:

Internal Engine: If you are looking for the actual process involved in getting those combustion chambers right where you want them, this is the one to read.

Internal Engine: Flat Tappets & Engine Oil.

Drive Train: A real nuts & bolts approach to building that differential.

Diagnostics: Using engine vacuum readings for tuning and diagnosing engine problems.

Suspension: Using car dimensions and weight distribution information to upgrade suspension.

PRO-Files: From his father’s repair shop to the pole position of the Indianapolis 500 to owner of a thriving performance exhaust company, Billy Boat is truly a current-day hot rodder

Departments: OEM News (August: Chrysler); Information Station (New Products).

New Departments: Tech Training & Education – UTI; Tech Health & Wellness (Eyes & Ears).



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