Performance Technician March 2015

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Performance-Technician-March-2015-Display300Get ready for some interesting articles aimed at the technical skill level of our loyal Performance Technician readers. In this issue, our tech editor, Greg McConiga, gives us two in-depth, hands-on features:  One on lifter subtleties, and another on the science of pushrods.  Our professional super-tuner, Henry Olsen, gives us the best discussion we’ve even seen on what engine to choose for your vintage car/hot rod.

We’re also running great stories on the Detroit Auto Show and ACDC hybrid training from Tom Nash, managing editor, and contributor Glenn Quagmire’s terrific (and technical) profile of Johnny Lightning.

Our regular departments include our editor’s thoughts on swapping a modern engine into your vintage car, and Greg’s fulminations on how the absolutes of life have become watered down — except when you’re building an engine. Of course, there’s also “Information Station,” which showcases new high-performance parts and products.

We tailor this content specifically for you, the professional automotive technician with a passion for high-performance.  We believe you’ll enjoy reading it and perhaps learn a few new things.

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