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It would be hard to beat the tech content of the May, 2015 issue of Performance Technician.  First, Greg McConiga, our tech editor, gives us the Part 2 of his in-depth, hands-on features on lifter subtleties, and another Part 2 on the science of pushrods.  Not to be outdone, our professional super-tuner, Henry Olsen (with technical input from Lars Grimsrud), provides a highly-useful article on timing a vintage engine for modern gasoline, which is more important than you might imagine.  Gas just ain’t what it used to be.

Glenn Quagmire has contributed an interesting (just look at those photos!) story on America’s Car Museum, the coolest auto exhibit we’ve ever seen next to Greenfield Village.

Our regular departments include our editor’s thoughts on a long-forgotten punch-tape computer program that helped you decide how to modify your car, and Greg’s admission of how he actually had big fun attending a hot-rod/vintage car show (more great pix). Of course, there’s also “Information Station,” which showcases new high-performance parts and products.

As we’ve said before, we tailor this content specifically for you, the professional automotive technician with a passion for high-performance.  We believe you’ll enjoy reading it and perhaps learn a few new things.

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