Troubleshooting the Infiniti IQ X56

We as technicians are handed puzzles that need to be solved daily. These puzzles come in the form of broken...

The Infamous U1000 Code: A Study in Nissan Network Diagnostics

It is often a moment of considerable discomfort for many technicians when faced with the message on their scanner, “No...

2017 Infiniti Q50 Misfire Code

What is causing the misfire and the steps we're going to take to fix the problem.

The Case of the Reluctant Titan

It appeared to be a textbook case of strangulation. But not so fast….. Harry looked up from the morning paper as a new...

Nissan MAF Sensors: Overview, Operation, Service, Diagnostics & Performance

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor provides critical data to the ECM for calculating cylinder air charge and engine load....

Nissan Intelligent Key Problems? Nissan Symptom Tables Are Your Friend.

Problems with remote keyless entry, door handle request switch, push-button ignition switch, and remote engine start can each be symptoms of intelligent key configuration and signal transmission faults. Nissan symptom tables set you on the most efficient diagnostic path.

Nissan Charging Systems

The electrical systems on today’s vehicles are extremely important. With multiple networks connecting a wide range of electronic control modules, their reliance on a well-functioning electrical system is crucial.

Diagnosing Nissan Ignition System Problems with CONSULT III Plus and an Oscilloscope

Fundamentals of the ignition coil haven’t changed much, but the approach to diagnosing an ignition problem today has been enhanced by utilizing some of the advanced tools we’ll be talking about in this article.

Nissan Electronic Automatic Transmission (EAT) Diagnosis and Valve Body Replacement: Part Two

In this month’s article, Transmission Diagnosis and Valve Body Replacement Part Two, we continue the discussion of transmission diagnostics and replacement from Part One, with a focus on the relearning functions and steps required to successfully complete a transmission repair or replacement on Nissan vehicles.

Understanding Nissan Differential Gear Ratios

Understanding Nissan Differential Gear Ratios

There is a lot of confusion in the industry regarding differential gear ratios. Some Nissan trucks may have one of more than five different gear ratios. Fortunately there are many ways of determining gear ratios, and this article will teach you how to determine them economically and efficiently.

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Nissan Fuel Injector Diagnosis

Nissan Fuel Injector Diagnosis

An injector can cause symptoms ranging from a slight decrease in efficiency and emissions to a total misfire. Here’s how fuel injectors work, how to test them for failure, and some diagnostics that can save time.

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