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In winter weather, the wiper blades on your customer’s Nissan or Infiniti become an important safety feature. Deliver top service by inspecting the wipers for proper operation each time the vehicle is entrusted to you for service or repair. Testing the wiper/washer system takes just a few moments, but can pay big dividends in customer satisfaction, and help improve your shop’s bottom line.
Whether it’s Conventional Premium, or the newest FlatBlade style, your local Nissan/Infiniti Wholesale Mechanical Program Dealer can supply a Genuine Nissan/Infiniti service replacement wiper blade for almost any vehicle on the road.
The Conventional Premium wiper blade combines a synthetic rubber upper body with a natural rubber wiping edge to provide superior wiping performance in extreme hot and cold temperatures and best-in-class wipe quality.  A specific protective coating on each blade reduces the likelihood of chatter and squeak, providing smoother, quieter operation throughout the life of the wiper blade.  The result?  It wipes like new longer.
FlatBlades, the latest word in wiper technology, combine the three-part  synthetic /natural / coating construction of Conventional Premium blades with an aerodynamic low profile, a must for many of today’s windshield designs.
FlatBlades contain an integrated internal “flexor” support structure, which provides more than 1,500 continuous contact points for improved performance when compared to the four to eight pressure points of conventional wiper blades.  No external frame joints means no components to freeze or become clogged with ice or snow during foul-weather driving.
The FlatBlade’s integrated spoiler helps keep the blade flat against the windshield (it’s been tested at high speeds), and enables enhanced aero-acoustics, reducing wind noise.
FlatBlades are original equipment on many late model Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, but can easily be fit to many older model vehicles as a high-performance upgrade.   Your local Nissan/Infiniti Wholesale Mechanical Program Dealer will be glad to assist you.



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