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Having learned about the many benefits of Nissan CCRN certification, you may be wondering about repairing Nissan’s industry-leading high performance sports car, the GT-R. Well, if this is your goal, then Nissan has just the program for you.

Nissan is now offering a special and specific certification for collision and auto body repair shops that want to qualify to repair damage to these exotic sports cars. This certification will put your shop among the elite few that are trained, qualified, and Nissan-certified to properly repair these prized sports cars. In doing so, it will also position your shop as being eminently qualified to repair any Nissan vehicle.

So this certification can serve as a valuable marketing tool to draw in customers who own other Nissan models. They will surely believe that, if your shop is certified to repair the high-end GT-R, then you can certainly perform exemplary repair of their Sentra, Titan, or LEAF.

This Nissan GT-R certification program is open to shops that have achieved I-CAR Gold Class status and also meet a variety of other qualifications and standards that cover necessary shop equipment, database access, and good business and customer relations practices.

At the heart of the GT-R certification is an advanced two-day, hands-on training program at selected locations. Emphasis is on hands-on training due to the sophisticated structure and materials used in the design and manufacture of the GT-R, and helps assure that the GT-R-certified shop can properly restore these exotic vehicles to their original levels of fit, finish, durability, value, and safety.

The Nissan GT-R certification program provides qualifying shops with exclusive and distinctive signage and marketing materials, as well as direct marketing efforts to GT-R owners, so they will be aware of your shop’s qualifications to repair their vehicle correctly. Point of Sale (POS) materials will also enhance your shop’s image as being qualified to repair high end sports cars, implying that you are certainly well-qualified to repair everyday models as well. This exposure will help bring in, not only other Nissan models, but also other vehicles whose owners seek a highly qualified and specialized shop to repair their car as well.

In addition, participating shops will receive free access to Nissan’s technical information site, as well as access to telephone support for navigating this certification process.

More information and an application can be found at More information on I-CAR is available at

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