Remote Diagnostics — Help is on the way…

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Nissan is committed to helping independent repair shops with all possible resources. Diagnosing electronic problems and interpreting fault codes can be daunting tasks for independent repair shops that service many different makes and models. Sometimes a friendly voice at the local Nissan dealership will answer a quick question and, of course, Nissan offers a vast […]

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Nissan Driver Assistance Technology

Nissan vehicles are starting to feature the kind of technology we’ve been waiting for. The next step is dealing with the diagnostic and repair procedures when they turn up at our shops.

Electrical Issues Case Studies

All of us have to be aware of the sensitive nature of the rolling computer complex that represents today’s vehicles.

The Nissan LEAF e-Pedal

The Nissan LEAF combines hydraulic braking, regenerative braking, and traditional accelerator technology into one device: the e-Pedal. You’ll have to keep the system calibrated so key components can function together.


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