With the advent of On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) systems, and even tighter restrictions on emissions standards, the Evaporative Emissions System will continue to challenge repair technicians.

Since hydrocarbons were first identified as...

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  1. Theodore M Grossman

    2000 Maxima. Any tech bulletins for PCV and evap systems?

    • Automotive Tech Info

      Hi Theodore,
      The author found some info that we hope will help:

      Thank you for the reply. There are three TSBs related to the Evaporative Emissions system for the vehicle you listed, however they are not specifically related to a fuel smell. The bulletins are NTB02-033, NTB00-060, NTB00-085. A strong fuel smell could also indicate there is a fuel leak and should be verified first since that could present a fire safety concern.

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