Mercedes-Benz Parts News: Splined Hubs; Eccentric Bolts; Collision Repair Facility Certification

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Splined Hubs

Certain parts, like the front hub with the precisely machined splines to generate a wheelspeed signal in combination with the sensor pickup bolted just adjacent to it, are obviously something you’d only want to get from the original manufacturer.  The critical fit and function of the part are transparent, and nobody would be inclined to risk using something less than equivalent to the original Genuine Mercedes-Benz Part.  The precision and criticality of other parts such as the eccentric bolts for adjusting alignment members is not so obvious, but think about that for a moment.

The hub and bearings, with the splined ABS sensor rotor, fit over the front steering spindle and carry not only half the front weight of the vehicle but also control the direction of the steering.    What’s more, the brake rotor and the wheel bolt directly to the flange.  You can hardly imagine parts on a car that, besides carrying a lot of weight and stress, carry a lot of responsibility as well, responsibility for the manufacturer and for the shop that chose to install that part rather than others the market might proffer.

Eccentric Bolts

Now consider the alignment adjustment eccentric bolt.  Obviously it has to be strong enough that it won’t shear in the event of some hard stress still within the normal range of highway incident, but many manufacturers can make strong bolts.     The factors that make the Genuine Mercedes-Benz Part unique are, besides the tensile strength, the precise shape and the sequence of special coatings and threadlockers.  The German carmaker can and does make alignment specifications available to anyone who wants them to set the alignment of a car they built exactly right.  But they don’t broadcast the results of their painstaking testing and experimentation to determine exactly the right manufacturing technique and dimensions for such parts as these eccentric bolts, washers and locknuts.

Want the right parts?  There’s only one source for Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.

Collision Repair Facility Certification

Do you do body work and other collision repair on Mercedes-Benz vehicles at your shop?   You might be interested in this.  Mercedes-Benz has developed an official Collision Repair Facility Certification program, not only for body shops at Mercedes-Benz dealerships, but also for selected dealer-sponsored independent shops as well.

The object of the program is to distinguish those shops that meet the highest standards of work, of technician training, of equipment and of customer service.  The benefit to participating shops is the opportunity for more work from customers who expect the highest standards of repair work on their vehicles.  These are loyal, highly desirable customers.  Does your shop measure up?  Can you provide the prompt, professional, dependable service a Mercedes-Benz owner expects?

What Mercedes-Benz intends from this certification program are consistent customer and vehicle handling and care for an expanded range of needs, increased sales of Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, an increased contact with current customers to assure loyalty and a larger share of the luxury-car customer base.  What the program offers your shop are new customers, additional business from existing customers, greater efficiency in your own business.

A collision repair facility included in the program should be able to meet the body repair needs of a growing customer base.  It should be structured for business success in all details, from staffing to pricing to shop layout.  Once included, the shop can promote its work as a “Certified Collision Facility” authorized by Mercedes-Benz USA, and Mercedes-Benz will include the shop on its list recommended to customers requesting assistance.

A dealer-affiliated and – sponsored independent facility certified in the program must provide repairs to published Mercedes-Benz standards, using the specified tools, equipment and Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. Certified facilities  get access to repair resources, collision and new product training, tools and equipment discounts through the Standard Service Equipment Program, as well as the repair information in the Workshop Information System (WIS).

There are requirements for customer interface, for business standards, for the condition of the facility itself, for technician training and methods and for tools and equipment.  Sponsorship for a shop in this program must be through an existing Mercedes-Benz dealer.

For more information about the Mercedes-Benz Collision Repair Facility Certification Program, contact StarTuned by phone (1 800 225 6262, ext. 2647) or by e-mail ([email protected]).


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