Mercedes-Benz Parts News: Locks and Latches; Expanded CD Technical Information

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Locks and Latches

Security means more than the capacity of a car to protect its occupants in the event of an accident and to minimize damage to bystanders and other vehicles. It also means that an owner can lock the car and feel reasonably secure nobody can easily defeat the locks and latches protecting the doors, trunk and ignition system. Mercedes-Benz has built and used the best locks and latches obtainable for their vehicles, both all-mechanical bolts going back to very early cars to the latest infrared, keyless systems. All such hardware sustains a lot of use but must remain reliable, generally for the life of the car.

If a lock, latch or hinge was damaged after an accident, replacement with an original is the best way to restore the security of the car to what it originally was. Early locks install in obvious ways; electronic security devices come plain in the box, but detailed instructions to set them up properly are available.

Expanded CD Technical Information

The next Technical Information CD is ready, this one for Model 202. All the 202 service manuals, introduction books, electric troubleshooting manuals, engine manuals, owners manuals, climate control and chassis/body manuals, maintenance manuals and more are all encapsulated on this disk. The CD includes all the technical information there is for the 202.

This title follows those for the 107, 114/115, 116, 123, 124, 126 and 201. Upcoming titles include Model 129 and Model 140, available in early spring of 2004. You’ll need a computer running a current version of Windows (98 SE or higher) with relatively modest hardware resources.


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