Mercedes-Benz Parts News: ESP from Start to Finish; New Parts for Older Vehicles

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ESP From Start to Finish

The ESP system is a closed-loop control system to retain steering under as many conditions as possible. Except for the wheels and tires, everything in the system falls between the wheelspeed sensors and the brake calipers. There’s much more involved, as our ESP articles cover, including inputs from yaw and lateral-acceleration sensors, information from the engine and transmission management system, signals from switches indicating the state of the brake pedal, the ESP toggle and the steering angle sensor and more. Electronic and hydraulic control units at the center of the system take in the data and trigger actuators to retain control as long as possible.

These components are all available from your Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts source, but it is critical you conduct a thorough diagnosis of any nonfunctional ESP system on a vehicle before you start replacing individual elements.

New Parts for Older Vehicles

The 103 engine powers many Mercedes-Benz cars, but its water pump like most other components is still available new from your Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts supplier. Mercedes-Benz is determined that while many of the company’s cars have become and will become classics, few will become obsolete because of parts availability problems. Your local dealer will probably not stock the rarest of parts, but any the company provides are available through his parts department.


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