StarTuned June 2005

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In this issue:

Charging System Issues & Evolution

Read this, or risk damaging expensive components and arriving at faulty diagnoses.

Batt Facts

Don’t remember your high school chemistry, do you?

Intelligent Service Reminder System

What’s it all mean for our business?

Step By Step: A/C REfrigeration System Diagnosis

A streamlined approach to finding out what’s wrong.

Parts News: Rotor Puzzle and Solution

Whether for vehicles long out of production or for modern ones, your best source for Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts is Mercedes-Benz.

Factory Service Bulletins: Electronic Ignition Switch; Hard Start, Won’t Run, Poor Performance; Harmonic Balancer; MILs Illuminated Briefly After Ignition On

These suggestions and solutions for technical problems are from service bulletins and other information published by Mercedes-Benz, selected and adapted for independent repair shops.

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