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As an independent working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you’re taking a risk any time you purchase a non-genuine part.


As an independent working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you’re taking a risk any time you purchase a non-genuine part.

In the automotive repair business, your customers rely on you to provide the type of service that allows them worry-free operation of their vehicles. They don’t understand how complex these vehicles have become. They just know they need their vehicles to operate in a safe and predictable manner. Here is one buying decision you can make that will help you achieve this goal.
When it comes to automotive service, there is some shared responsibility. There are some repairs that do not require any more than diagnosing the situation, accessing the troubled area and repairing the problem without the use of any new parts, so there are no outside influences. Other than this unusual scenario, everything from a simple oil change to a from-the-ground-up restoration requires two components: labor and parts. You are solely responsible for the quality of the former, but you share responsibility for the latter. Repair receipts reflect this two-fold situation.
You purchase the parts for the customer and install them. As far as the customer is concerned, you are responsible for the entire process. Being a shop owner, or a technician, customer care and the quality of the work done enhance your reputation. However, you are only in direct control of labor. Your knowledge and experience allows you to disassemble components, make the necessary changes and reassemble the vehicle so that it performs properly. You are in control of your knowledge, experience and execution. But this is only one side of the equation.


Genuine brake parts not only carry the company’s excellent warranty, they come with all the extra parts needed for a quality installation.

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The other side of the equation is the parts you use in the performance of the maintenance or repair job. The parts side of the business affects everything from scheduling (how long do you have to wait for delivery?) to durability and proper fit and finish. In other words, a problem part can and will make you look bad.
It could be that an aftermarket parts supplier does not have coverage for the application, so you either get the wrong part or have to wait for the correct one. This can be a significant problem, particularly if the repair involves a brake or suspension component and the vehicle is stuck up on a lift. To avoid this waste of time, you need to be sure you are ordering the correct part for the vehicle at hand. That’s one of the big advantages of using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Not only can you access over 90,000 unique parts in inventory, including specialty and hard-to-find items, but you can also take advantage of a depth and completeness of knowledge that is truly unsurpassed.


The superior quality of Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake rotors makes it unlikely to have a warranty claim with them.

Even if you purchase a part that fits well enough to be installed, it is very important to your schedule, productivity, reputation and peace of mind to have the confidence that you are not going to have to do the job over again. Very often, aftermarket replacement parts are manufactured in a way, or using materials, that reduce cost and create a cheaper option for the installer, while consolidating catalog numbers. On the other hand, genuine Mercedes-Benz spare parts are built with one essential goal in mind: that they meet the exacting specifications required of the O.E.M. equivalent. By using only Mercedes-Benz replacement parts, you guarantee the vehicle’s documented “authenticity.” The unequaled support Mercedes-Benz provides for the parts it sells is demonstrated by the fact that it offers one of the best warranties in the business.


The same great warranty on genuine Mercedes-Benz parts applies to classic models, such as this 220S Cabriolet from the late ’50s.

Don’t Talk the Talk if You Can’t Walk the Walk

When choosing between genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts and aftermarket alternatives, remember that only Mercedes-Benz supports the quality and workmanship of its parts with its “Vehicle Service Parts Limited Warranty.” This covers all genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts with a 12 month/Unlimited Mileage limited warranty. Mercedes-Benz will cover defects in the construction and composition — that is, any structural failure of the material and/or defect that is the result of the manufacturing process. The one-year warranty starts the day that is printed on the purchase receipt of the component, and since the mileage is unlimited, there is no need to document the odometer reading (although we suggest you do that for your own records). Keep in mind that laws regarding warranty periods vary from state to state, so do some research on your state’s laws regarding your business liability. Another thought to remember is that Mercedes-Benz will not cover damage that is the result of testing or removal and replacement of any components. An example of this is the Star Diagnosis recommended testing procedure for catalytic converters. Drilling test holes to check catalyst efficiency will void the warranty of the catalytic converter.
This warranty even applies to the extensive line of Mercedes-Benz Classic Parts for vehicles no longer in production.


M-B is so confident in the quality of its remanufactured transmissions that they carry a two-year/24,000-mile warranty.

What About the Drivetrain?

Mercedes Benz believes so strongly in the quality of its remanufactured drivetrain parts that it offers an even more extensive warranty. For example, a Mercedes-Benz remanufactured transmission is warranted for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty covers the mechanical operation of the transmission components from defects in materials and manufacturing to reassembly. Some transmission specialty shops offer lifetime warranties, but do not use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, and often the warranty is not transferable. In addition to transmissions, the engine also has an industry-leading warranty. A Mercedes-Benz remanufactured engine is covered for an impressive four years/50,000 miles, whichever comes first. By the way, this is the same warranty period offered on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz remanufactured engines are covered for an impressive four years, or 50,000 miles.

Your Solution

With this kind of coverage, along with the vast knowledge that carries through to technical support and the accuracy of order fulfillment and delivery, genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts become a cost-effective solution to supplying your customers with the best possible service, the best possible parts at the best possible price. Your peace of mind is one reward for a job well done, right down to making the right parts purchase decision. Mercedes-Benz strives to support your business in more and better ways than anyone else. So, the MBUSA slogan, “Can you purchase a partnership like you can a part?” can be answered, “Yes!”

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