Mercedes-Benz StarParts – New Parts Line Launched

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The all-new StarParts line from Mercedes-Benz offers ISPs competitive pricing and enhancedprofit margins

There’s no denying the high quality, precise fit and value of Genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts. But independent repair shops sometimes find themselves in a quandary when sourcing common replacement parts for older-model Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Their local auto parts chains typically offer an alternative line of common service parts at reduced prices, tempting shop owners and technicians to choose them even though they may not match the performance of OE parts.

Now, independent repair and collision shops have an exciting and brand-new option — Mercedes-Benz StarParts.

StarParts is an innovative line of all-new replacement parts for popular Mercedes-Benz vehicles five years old and older. This new line offers common service parts like brake pads and rotors, spark plugs, and other components. This new parts offer allows shop owners to provide their customers with Mercedes-Benz quality at a cost that is more price-friendly, considering the age of the vehicle.

How did they do it? Using new production techniques and alternative materials, standardization of certain design and manufacturing criteria, economies of scale and consolidation.  Combined, these factors allow Mercedes-Benz to offer quality, fit, and durability while reducing manufacturing costs. Furthermore, by offering the most commonly-used replacement parts, distribution can be streamlined for further cost reductions.

Wiper blades are a good example. StarParts wiper blades come without a wear indicator, a small concession considering that worn wiper blades typically become self-apparent. Also, Mercedes-Benz engineers were able to develop commonalities that allow some wiper blades to fit multiple applications, increasing quantities with attendant lower unit costs.

The new StarParts line includes the previously-mentioned brake pads, rotors, and wiper blades, as well as engine oil filters and cabin air filters, and spark plugs — the very parts most often replaced in the repair shop. StarParts are made for a wide range of models. Designed for high-volume model series, StarParts are available for the following vehicles:

  • C-Class (W/S203 and W204)
  • ML (W164)
  • SLK (R171)
  • GL (X164)
  • E-Class (W/S211)
  • GLK (X204)
  • CLS (C219)
  • R-Class (W251)

All StarParts meet and exceed standards set by Mercedes-Benz as well as all legal requirements, so they can be installed with confidence. And this confidence is bolstered by the fact that StarParts protects you with a one-year warranty that covers both parts and labor.As model lines age, more model series will be added on a
regular basis.

As you would expect, StarParts can be purchased through your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership parts department. StarParts feature their own brand design, labelling and packaging, and part numbers characterized by the “90” or “95” suffix.

The introduction of this new, second line of parts will have no impact on the continued availability of quality Mercedes-Benz remanufactured parts.

So why StarParts?

  • Affords motorists Mercedes-Benz quality parts tailored to the age, condition, and value of their vehicles.
  • Makes continued ownership even more viable while enhancing resale value.
  • Allows independent repair shops to offer their customers more affordable options.
  • Provides a greater profit margin for the ISP.
  • Eliminates the need for ISPs to shop elsewhere for their Mercedes-Benz replacement parts.
  • Provides confidence for the technician and shop owner not available with inferior “white box” parts.
  • Enhances the image of the repair shop by allowing it to offer parts designed and distributed by Mercedes-Benz.

The new line of Mercedes-Benz StarParts will be constantly developed, as new products are added and newer models
reach the five-year mark.

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