Volvo Steering Column Lock (SCL)

The steering column lock probably won’t be a problem until it is. The steering column lock locks the steering wheel in place when the vehicle has been shut off and the key or fob is removed. Different from the conventional key and tumbler, the steering column lock is...

Understanding, Diagnosing and Resolving Nissan Noise, Vibration and Harshness Issues

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) is an important topic and one that auto manufacturers take very seriously. Large amounts of time and money are devoted to research and development in this area. Engines and transmissions spend hours on NVH test benches before ever...

Volvo Fuel Injectors

Volvo has been using fuel injection on their cars as long as we can remember. The designs have changed over the years, but the basic idea has remained the same. History Volvo first used fuel injection on the P1800 series cars in 1970. Volvo used a Bosch-designed...

2006 Hyundai Santa Fe Heater Blower With No Speed Control

This specific HVAC system has no self-diagnostic abilities, but does control the blend doors and A/C while manually controlling the blower motor speed. This article is intended for the learning technicians that have an interest in diagnosing and testing a Hyundai HVAC...
StarTuned March 2022

StarTuned March 2022

In this issue: Engine Repair or Replace • Engine Rubber Replacement • M276 tour Tips and Tricks • StarParts • Rogue Electrons • Service Bulletins

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